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Research in Laboratory of Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics focuses on theory, design and experimental realization of nanophotonic devices and their seamless integration. The applications of such devices are at optical interconnect and optical communication, renewable energy generation (e.g. solar cells), solid state lighting (e.g. LED), biophotonics, and many others. In particular, we concentrate on the specific areas described below.

•Integrated optoelectronics for optical interconnect and optical communication
a. Silicon photonics
Photothermal switching of Si photonic devices: Tunable Si micro-disk integrated with MIM absorber
b. Plasmonics devices
Controlling wave-vector of propagating surface plasmon polaritons on single-crystalline gold nanoplates

c. Optical antennas
Plasmonic sectoral horn nanoantennas based optical wireless interconnect network for on-chip communication at tera-scale

•Functional optoelectronics for green photonics
a. Absorption and detection in IR and MIR
Metal-dielectric-metal metamaterial absorber for IR and MIR detection and IR and MIR absorber chips for biometer
b. Fluorescent materials and microscopy
Fluorescence enhancement based on Gold nanorod for imaging
c. Thermal radiation for solar cell
The principle of solar thermophotovoltaic technology based on plasmonic absorber and thermal radiator
d. Nanostructures for color filtering and display
Colorful gold film and transparent conductive silver film
•Micro and nano fabrication technology
a. Optoelectronic integrated chip processing technology
Flow chart of optoelectronic integrated chip processing technology
b. Advanced e-beam lithography (Ice lithography)
In-situ growth, fabrication, and characterization solutions combing e-beam lithography, MBE and STM.
c. Atomically smooth film synthesis/deposition
Atomically flat single-crystalline gold nanostructures for plasmonic nanocircuitry
d. Nanojoining (nanowelding, nanosoldering...) for complicated nanostructures
Photothermal fusion and Gold nanocrystals formation in a metamaterial structure
Laser-induced single point nanowelding of silver nanowires